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Hello, I’m Brent Bergherm and I’m thrilled you’re here. I love my hat. I would like to buy out the company so no one else can wear it… but that’s not realistic. Anyway, in a metaphorical sense, I wear many hats. Allow me to tell you a bit about myself as…

A photographer:
When asked what type of photography I create, I most often say, “I’m a travel-outdoor photographer.” It’s quite broad and encompasses so many things. In short, I LOVE to travel and experience new people, cultures places and things. Whether I’m returning to a place for the 10th time, or a first-time visitor, it doesn’t matter to me.

A family man:
I have a fantastic family. With a wonderful wife of 18+ years and four children (all boys) my home life is hectic and busy. And I’m lovin’ every moment of it. I’ve joked how I must be something like a mob boss because pretty much everything I do is “for the family” so to speak. 🙂

A teacher:
I’m privileged to call Walla Walla University my “day job.” I’ve been teaching photography and design for over 10 years now. My how times flies!! It certainly keeps me busy and I consider myself very lucky to have a job that requires me to keep pushing forward every day. The school is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist church, of which I’m a proud member. We are located in the SE corner of Washington State in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley.

A small business owner:
I operate this photography business where I offer my images through my agent, Danita Delimont Stock Photography, and fine art prints. As education runs deep in my family (my father has worked in education since I was 10 and my wife has a degree in education) I love being able to teach and share my findings with y’all. I do this through my YouTube Channel, workshops and my blog (more posts coming in the summer of 2018).
I also operate the gear rental firm It’s so fun and I like to counter the big guys’ by simply saying that with me you’ll be renting from “the world’s smallest inventory!” Yes, my selection is not extensive. What you do get is personal service and advice from me and limited curated gear which hopefully makes your choice easier.

A Podcaster:
You can also find me on the Improve Photography Network of podcasts. I co-host “Latitude: THE Travel Photography Podcast” with Brian McGuckin and I appear on the Round Table frequently. My BRL YouTube Channel is found here. I’ve got gear reviews, bag reviews and some travelogues.

If you twisted my arm I might admit that my favorite genre of photography has some type of water in it (waterfalls, ocean, rivers, that type of thing) and that I’m a huge fan of a good B&W image too. 

This photo comes from Dubrovnik. The best city a photographer can find themselves in, in my opinion anyway.

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